Do You Need Twenty Certifications for Computer Consultant Skills?

Multiple people have told me, “Well, I’m an MCP or a CNA and I have this one cert, but I’m working on 15 more certs and as soon as I get my 19th cert in five years, I’ll be ready to be a computer consultant.”

That is merely a piece of bologna. Learn why?

Small companies do not utilize cutting-edge technology.

The majority of small businesses do not care how many credentials you possess. In terms of IT, small businesses are typically 12 to 18 months behind the curve. On occasion, they are up to two years behind the curve. In small businesses, there is no ego-driven CEO or corporate salesperson advocating yearly upgrades for the sake of upgrading.

Certain Small Business Technology Is Obsolete.

What types of hardware, software, peripherals, and infrastructure would you encounter as a computer consultant in a typical small business? Some of their equipment will require updates and upgrades, while the majority will function adequately.

However, there is little pressure on small business technology departments to keep up with the latest and greatest cutting edge. Consequently, this alleviates a significant portion of the stress associated with early adopters for you, the beginning computer consultant.

Are You Capable of Working as a Computer Consultant?

Do others seek out your computer expertise? People seek your assistance with their software and hardware, getting their PDA to communicate with Outlook or synchronizing their Wi-Fi, etc. Are they coming to you for assistance because it’s part of your job, or because you’ve developed a reputation as someone who knows more than the average person about PCs, notebooks, software, the Internet, and viruses? Are you already regarded as a valuable resource for these types of issues? If so, you would be an excellent computer consultant.

Skills of a Computer Consultant Vary

No matter how junior or senior your skills are, there is a place for you in assisting small businesses with their IT issues. Just as there are entry-level and senior employees in an IT department of a corporation, there are also different levels of performance for computer consultants.

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