Diversify Your Clients in Computer Consulting

Ensure that you never reach the point where a single client for computer consulting has control over you.

None of them should have such tremendous leverage over you that you can’t afford to lose them due to circumstances beyond your control or because you want to part ways.

Spread Your Risk Among Your Computer Consulting Customers.

It’s all about diversification. Consider the construction of your client portfolio in terms of a mutual fund portfolio. It’s very similar to marketing, in which you use multiple vehicles to achieve balance and mitigate some risk.

You probably have a part-time job if you rely on a single computer consulting client to pay your bills. You are not in business. If instructed to jump, you must jump.

The Magic Number of Clients for Computer Consulting

You don’t want to have more than a few dozen or a few hundred clients as a solo practitioner computer consultant because it’s difficult to provide excellent service and be as responsive as you need to be.

The optimal number is typically between 10 and 20. It should never fall below 8, as individual clients would then have excessive leverage over you.

How do you acquire more ideal customers?

If you discover that you only have one client, you must ask yourself several questions. How unique are their requirements? Could you create a template for this and locate other clients who are identical?

Consider carefully what you’ve done for this one client. Which of their greatest problems have you resolved? What are the greatest issues you have not yet resolved? Determine where you will find other businesses that are similar to them. Then you will avoid engaging in a losing power struggle.

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