Cleaning Offices – Suggestions For The Cleaning Company

Office cleaning is the most competitive market for contract cleaning companies to enter. Certain organisations change their cleaners on a regular basis, every year or even every six months, because they cannot find a company that meets their requirements consistently. What we discover is that these companies lack a clear understanding of what is expected of them in terms of clean. After a while, they lament that standards have slipped.

This phrase’standards have slipped’ is frequently repeated by a company representative lamenting the cleaning. Thus, you inquire as to which aspect of the cleaning has been completed or not. The response is frequently along the lines of, “Well, everything is being done, but the standard is not up to par.” Thus, you inquire as to whether they can provide specific examples in order for these to be rectified. The response is, ‘not really, it’s just that standards have slipped’. This is the most aggravating part if you own a cleaning service. Thus, you enter the premises to inspect them and speak with the company and the cleaners. Quite frequently, you will discover that nothing is actually wrong with the cleaning and that everything is being done in accordance with the contract. This could very well be the start of the company’s attempt to replace you.

Why is this the case? This can occur for a variety of reasons, but the primary reason is that the cleaning schedule does not reflect the customer’s expectations of the cleaning process, either because they change over time or because the schedule is simply unrealistic and does not account for natural deterioration of the building.

For instance, an employee may have discovered cup rings on their desk and complained that they are not being cleaned. When questioned about this, the cleaners maintain that they can never clean that particular desk because it is constantly clogged with documents. Or perhaps someone has relocated their workstation and expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of fluff and dirt that has accumulated around the computer’s wiring. As a result, the cleaners are clearly not performing well.

How are these issues resolved? The most effective way to avoid these issues is to conduct a cleaning survey of the premises, during which such details can be highlighted and a potential solution suggested. For instance, desks can be polished on a rota system, and when it is time to polish a specific block of desks, the individuals whose desks are being polished are notified and instructed to clear their surfaces. If they do not, they have no grounds to complain about their lack of polish.

After completing a thorough cleaning survey, it should be possible to sit down with the client and discuss which areas they wish to take on and which they can ignore. A quote can then be provided based on this information. Both parties are then crystal clear on the scope and quality of the clean. Thus, what was previously subjective becomes objective and quantifiable. The cleaners should understand precisely what is expected of them, and the customer should have a more objective assessment of the cleaning. Correctly conducted cleaning surveys can help you avoid complaints and the potential loss of contracts.

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