Anti-Virus Software Responding to Computer Infections

There are a number of computer viruses just waiting to infect and destroy the information on a user’s hard drive, despite the fact that many computer users believe it will never happen to them. Anti-virus software is a program that helps detect the presence of viruses on a computer or within a file before it is opened.

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time surfing the Internet, visiting unfamiliar websites, or downloading images is at a greater risk for contracting a computer virus than those who do not. Viruses are typically attached to word processing documents, computer programs, and images, which, if downloaded, can have an immediate impact on the performance of a computer.

If a computer virus infects a computer, the owner may be forced to use the factory restore disk to restore the computer to its original state. This CD, included with the majority of new computers, will restore the computer to its factory settings.

Anti-virus software is reasonably priced considering its versatility. Without it, users are constantly vulnerable to computer viruses. Anti-virus software can typically be found on the websites of computer manufacturers, electronic departments of retail stores, and online stores that sell computers.

If you suspect that your computer is infected with a virus, you should refrain from sending emails or uploading photos to friends and family. Otherwise, the virus could spread to their computers.

Anti-virus software is typically distributed on CD-ROM, but some manufacturers also offer downloads. By double-clicking on the software, the anti-virus software will begin scanning the entire computer. As it progresses, it will provide you with an update on any potentially malicious files or viruses it detects. Additionally, some anti-virus software permits users to scan a single file prior to opening it. For instance, if a computer user downloaded an image but wanted to scan it for viruses before opening it, he/she could click on the anti-virus software and direct it to the file in question. The anti-virus program will scan the file for potential viruses and immediately display the results on the screen. This will allow the computer user to distinguish between safe and unsafe files.

Anti-virus software is to computers what Tylenol is to headaches in the modern world. It is both a preventative measure and a treatment for certain computer ailments. If a user’s computer does not have pre-installed anti-virus software, it is recommended that they purchase a program before connecting to the internet.

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