An Ode To Entrepreneurialism

To the brave and free individuals who embody the entrepreneurial spirit…

To those who created something we desired but never had the courage to create ourselves.

To those who endured the ridicule of others for the sake of their own dreams before deciding to share them with the world.

To those who spent sleepless nights devising solutions rather than contemplating the magnitude of their problems.

To those who never gave up when doing so would have been the easiest option.

To those who could envision a day when this leg of the journey would conclude with satisfied customers.

To those who realized there was a fine line separating a foolish fantasy and common sense.

To those who were indifferent to what others thought and only cared about what they knew to be true.

To those who refused to say “I told you so” when they had the opportunity.

You, valiant soldiers of entrepreneurship, are heroes and shapers of fate. You are achieving what few others can.

These courageous individuals produce the goods, polish the ideas, and sell the services that make our lives simpler and more fulfilling. They have caught the elusive bug known as entrepreneurialism, which has infected every aspect of their life perspective. They wish others understood, but if necessary, they will travel the path to success alone.

These are the courageous individuals who get sidetracked during lunch, figure out the next step by scribbling on a restaurant napkin, and then frame the napkin when their dream comes true.

These people may not care much about a dress code, standard work hours, or common success themes. They care more about taking the most important aspects of their lives and seeing where they can go when infused with the ability to dream. Typically, these individuals invite the rest of us mere mortals to their proverbial tent in the town square for a delightful game of show-and-tell.

Entrepreneurs are typically leaders and rarely followers. They march to the beat of a drummer only they can hear, and the simple pleasure of pursuing a dream unites them with Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Professor Julius Kelp from The Nutty Professor, and Professor Philip Brainard from Flubber.

Yes, at times they may appear to be absentminded, but these entrepreneurs have a vision of the future and are extremely distracted on their way there.

Entrepreneurs are misunderstood and frequently ridiculed, but eventually their brilliance becomes evident to all. Don’t be surprised if they choose not to hold a grudge or point out how correct they were.


They are likely still imagining something that could very well lead them in a different direction.

Perhaps you should invite yourself.

To all of these courageous business heroes: Thank you!

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