A Simple Guide To Domain Name Selection

There has been a lot of discussion about which factors are most important when deciding which domain to buy.

Choosing a domain name should be closely linked to the company’s business plan and vision. A domain can be chosen for SEO purposes, to represent a company’s brand, or to describe a broad term. A domain’s size, pronunciation, and memorability must all be considered, as well as whether the name is already taken in other similar forms or extensions. For example, if a domain.net is registered but the domain.com is already taken and developed, creating a brand for domain.net would be extremely risky, as it could be mistaken for its.com counterpart.

Domains for Search Engine Optimization

Because the actual domain name contains the keywords being searched for, the goal of these domains is to rank high in search engines. Search Engine domains are almost never brandable, and they’re mostly used as side Internet properties to funnel traffic to the main site. A company selling red widgets would benefit from acquiring red-widgets.com and redwidgets.com because it is natural for people to remember such an address, but more importantly, that domain name has a high likelihood of ranking near the top of a search for’red widgets.’ Overture Keywords (http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/) is a popular tool for finding what is being searched for on the internet.

Domain Names for Businesses

When moving an offline business to the internet, the obvious choice for a brand domain is the offline brand name with a.com or.country extension. Country extensions are used in countries where the country extension is more popular than the.com. If no previous brand existed prior to going online, one must be very creative in coming up with a brandable name. There are millions of domain names registered at this time, and it is common to find that the desired domain is already taken. The majority of Internet domain experts agree that the shorter the domain, the better. For a brand, a domain with about 5 letters is highly desirable. The domain, on the other hand, must have a good sound. Xyqpt.com would be undesirable because it is difficult for the general public to pronounce or remember.

Term Domains in General

General term domains were the most popular choice during the Internet Bubble. Even though they had the generic term for their market, many businesses failed. Companies like TheKnot.com refused to buy Weddings.com because they knew they needed to concentrate on their brand. Although this strategy worked for TheKnot.com, generic words have their own value that should not be overlooked. Generic word domains, like Search Engine Placement Domains, attract a large number of visitors through search engine referrals. As a result, generic word names remain in high demand, and their value continues to rise. What should be learned from the Dot Com Bubble is that generic domains are not everything in a dot com business; rather, they are a valuable (but not essential) component in a complex set of factors that determine the success of an Internet venture.

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