A Long-Term Plan for Acquiring Affiliate and Joint Venture Information

A Long-Term Plan for Acquiring Affiliate and Joint Venture Information

If you want top affiliates in your market to join your affiliate program and promote your products, you must actively seek them out. While you can certainly promote your affiliate program on your own website and recruit members, the best results come from actively seeking out joint venture partners… and it appears as though you are already aware of this.

You can locate potential partners by visiting websites that include the following:

– Attract a sizable amount of traffic to your website – Maintain a sizable email list
– Identify your purchasing audience

How do you locate these individuals?

– Utilize your preferred search engine to determine which websites rank near the top for your target keywords.

– Verify their ESTIMATED traffic ranking at Alexa.com – this site uses traffic and page views to estimate a site’s popularity. The lower the ranking, the more popular the site. While this is not a foolproof method, it can be used to compare websites in comparable markets.

– Determine which websites contain links to your competitors. Enter the following into Google or Yahoo: link:yourcompetitorsdomain.com. Simply replace “yourcompetitorsdomain.com” with the actual domain name of your competitor. The sites that appear in the results will be those that link to your competitor. You may be able to partner with some of the sites listed here.

– Search DMOZ.org and the Yahoo Directory for websites that fit your market’s category.

How are you going to approach these individuals?

Many website owners use a mass email to entice webmasters with the promise of commission. Naturally, you should make every effort to obtain a first name in order to personalize the email and utilize your Autoresponder to automatically include their name in the email. Include their first name, their website URL, and any other personal information you have.

This method will ensure that you obtain the maximum number of partners with the least amount of time and effort. Of course, if there are some websites to which you REALLY want to say yes, a more personal touch will be required. Bear in mind that in competitive markets, these webmasters are likely to receive numerous joint venture requests, and yours may be tossed out with the rest.

If you wish to be taken seriously, you should:

– Offer to send them your product for free in exchange for a review – or simply mail it to them immediately with no strings attached. Even if they are unable to promote your product at the moment, if you treat them well, they may promote it in the future.

– Demonstrate your familiarity with their industry by commenting specifically on some of the projects they are currently working on or on some of their products that you have purchased.

– First and foremost, do something for them. Include them as a recommended resource on your website, blog, etc., and inform them.

– Pick up the phone and initiate contact. Perhaps you could offer to promote his or her product first, rather than immediately requesting a favor. Take your time convincing them to promote your product; otherwise, you risk completely burning your bridges.

– Demonstrate to them the success of other affiliates or how effectively your website converts visitors to sales.

In general, anticipate receiving a large number of “Nos” before receiving any “Yesses.” Take it in stride; individuals are busy and cannot promote every product that comes their way.

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