A Computer Science Degree Is No Longer Exclusive to Geeks

In the past, a computer science degree was thought to attract primarily math and computer nerds. Although the stereotype may not have been accurate, it appears that computer science students have the last laugh regardless. Today’s computer courses and programs not only provide excellent employment opportunities, but also some extremely creative courses. Computers have rapidly evolved and are now used in every field, giving graduates of these computer programs a cachet and coolness factor that simply did not exist previously.

A computer science degree is any degree that focuses on the in-depth study of computers and their systems. In computer science, students study topics such as algorithms, programming languages, computer hardware, software, and program design. Of course, degrees vary widely. Some students concentrate on theoretical or mathematical work, while others concentrate on studies that will enable them to develop business-oriented systems and software.

A student with a degree in computer science has numerous creative and interesting career options. Advertising agencies, digital artists, and web design firms require graduates to assist with the transformation of creative ideas into software, graphics, and multimedia. Rock stars and music industry executives rely on computer science students to create high-tech music videos, multimedia special effects for concerts, and other computerized effects.

Today, as the popularity of animated and special effects films increases, movie studios are in need of computer science students. In addition to constructing and repairing computer systems, students are frequently involved in the production of some of the most popular cultural products of today. From movies to music to television and Internet trends, computer science students are responsible for numerous forms of entertainment.

Students with a degree in computer science may also develop systems or software used by businesses, NASA, or home computer users. The potential outcomes are virtually limitless. Now that so many people use computers, the work of computer-savvy individuals is crucial.

The employment outlook for students with a degree in computer science is also excellent. In the Computer Programmers section of the 2002-03 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that computer scientists will be among the fastest-growing occupations through 2010. All levels of business require employees with superior computer skills. Even small businesses hire professionals to create customized computer systems and software components for their businesses.

Major corporations such as NASA, IBM, and major film studios hire computer science students. Typically, students graduating with this type of degree can anticipate excellent career opportunities, a well-paying job, and excellent benefits. Employers have made attractive job offers to students with these skills in response to their high demand.

Students who are familiar with computers and are interested in pursuing one of the more creative computer-related careers have numerous options. They should seek out degree programs that provide extensive practical experience. A degree with a solid reputation is a significant factor in a student’s ability to obtain a good job. Additionally, networking can assist students in applying for careers of interest. Even in glamorous fields, many businesses are actively seeking computer professionals. Typically, networking entails informing prospective employers of your skills. Many schools that offer quality computer programs have career services departments. Additionally, these are excellent resources that should not be overlooked.

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