7 Levels of Internet Marketers

Copywritten by Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd. in 2006.

If you want to get your life and business off the ground, you must determine what type of Internet marketer you are.

Those who master this concept will achieve genuine financial success. Therefore, you should ask yourself, “Do you know what type of Internet marketer you are?”

Have your Internet marketing encounters been positive, negative, or mixed?

As you read through the seven levels of marketers listed below, I want you to know that I have, at various points in my life, occupied nearly every single one. It was only as my knowledge and experience grew that I was able to advance to my current level.

At some point while reading the descriptions of each level, you will likely recognize your current location or that of people you know.

To enhance your awareness of your current strategy, I suggest writing down your current level as you discover it while you read. This will also assist you in recognizing where you must go.

Here are the seven Internet marketing levels.

The Mooches comprise Level 1 of The Mooches

The “Mooches” are individuals at the lowest level of marketing. They lack intelligence and idle away their time. Most people are completely unaware of the online opportunities for making money. These individuals spend their time complaining about their financial situation without evaluating what they must do to advance.

The majority of Mooches are clueless about Internet marketing. If you ask them what the Internet is used for, they will respond with “to chat” or “to e-mail friends” or, even better, “to view pornographic content.” You know, something insignificant.

Leverage 2 – The Aspirant

The “Wannabe” is ambitious, but not sufficiently so. They wander around in the dark looking for a magical treasure chest beneath stones. They desire to make money but have no idea how to do so. They fall victim to ludicrous schemes and waste their money on worthless ideas. They must quickly determine where they must go to turn their lives around.

Most would-be marketers are familiar with the Internet and have acquaintances who make money on the Internet, so they are easily enthused by opportunities. Unfortunately, they invest the majority of their funds in MLM and other fraudulent schemes rather than pursuing genuine opportunities.

Leverage 3 – The Appear To Be

The “Pretend To Be” lives in deception. They pretend to work diligently, doing whatever is necessary to reach their destination. But they do nothing in practice. Most are perfectionists who are concerned with getting things right on the first try. They are unaware of how much they can learn from even a few mistakes.

The majority of Pretenders are awaiting the ideal time to launch a new business. They are unaware that the ideal time is NOW. They talk endlessly about starting an online business, but lack the courage to actually do so. Many have successful offline businesses and spend significant amounts of their hard-earned cash on Internet marketing seminars and e-books.

A successful, overworked physician who spends $20,000 on info-products but does not develop a website is an example of a Pretender. The Pretender is unaware of a fundamental principle of this industry… You only need to get started; you don’t have to get it right the first time.

Level 4 – Beginner

The “Newbie” is on the fast track; however, they lack experience. They have the desire to learn and develop, and they may possess the necessary skills and abilities. They approach opportunities with the enthusiasm one would expect from an industry-savvy beaver. They have done some homework, but lack the technical expertise to reach their destination.

There is still hope for the Novice. They are enthusiastic and have likely read several books on Internet marketing. They are willing to invest a great deal of time in themselves, unlike Pretenders. They will purchase resale rights, reprint rights, and licenses for a variety of products, but lack marketing expertise.

Fifth Level – The Marketer

The “Marketer” is close to achieving victory. They are making a profit. They are effective marketers. They still lack the necessary ambition to get off their asses and do what is necessary to truly achieve victory.

The majority of marketers have a website or a moneymaker but no business. They have a solid grasp of marketing, copywriting, and traffic generation, as well as a keen understanding of what their audience desires. They are frequently market leaders and earn a good living.

They lead a comfortable lifestyle. The problem is that they believe that what they have accomplished thus far is all they are capable of. They are unaware that there are additional opportunities available if they are willing to exert a little more effort.

Sixth Level – The Master

The “Master” is an astute marketer. They are profitable and can instruct others on how to do the same. The majority are visionaries and charismatic leaders who have a firm grasp on everything necessary for success. They will only fail if they cease to consider what else they can do. If one takes the time to search, additional success is always just around the corner.

Master marketers are millionaires or earn at least six figures annually. They are the industry leaders. They are proficient in direct response marketing and are able to instruct others. They have a vast amount of online and offline knowledge as well as experience working in various businesses.

Most have dealt with adversity in the past. They are high-performing individuals who make excellent mentors. Most are familiar with traffic conversion and generation.

The Master marketer can make money in any niche, regardless of their affinity for or prior experience with the niche.

They recognize that the Internet is nothing more than a tool for making money. They combine online and offline marketing strategies. They have a strong grasp of copywriting, testing, and tactic. They surround themselves with a team of experts and delegate responsibility to talented individuals.

Level 7 – The Entrepreneur

This is the ideal position for everyone. The Entrepreneur has already accomplished genuine success. They are the examples that others attempt to imitate and emulate. If you ask me, your goals should be nothing less than constructing a statue of “The Entrepreneur.”

These are the multimillionaires, master salespeople, and marketing gurus. They are surrounded by a strong team of talented individuals with various areas of expertise.

These are the individuals taking their businesses public. They are selling to the general public and shareholders, but not to customers.

Before embarking on a new endeavor, they have an exit plan in place. They understand that the purpose of a business is to sell it or place it on autopilot so that they can live their lives to the fullest. This is the desired location.

eBay.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com, and so forth.

So now I ask you… What type are you? Which would you like to be? At what level are the individuals you know? Are they achieving their goals? What is the rationale, or why not?

If you want to succeed, you must ask questions and have a clear understanding of where you are NOW and where you WANT to be in the near future. Don’t rush forward recklessly, but don’t slack off either.

If you want to succeed, you must assume responsibility for your life and financial future. Determine where you are and what steps you must take to reach your desired destination.

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