10 Ways to Boost Pageviews on Your Blog

Having people click onto more pages when using Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher increases your revenue significantly, but how do you get them to read more than one page when they visit your website?

Here are some pointers.

1. Create pages on your blog with reference material you use frequently in your posts.

These static pages will be crawled and indexed by search engines, and you can refer people to these static pages as references to what you’re posting about as you write posts about your topics.

2. Make static pages out of articles.

Visit one of the many article directories, such as http://www.articlecontentprovider.com/articlesubmit/, to reprint articles on any topic for free. Then direct people to articles that are relevant to the post you’re writing. You could even create a new page for each article you publish.

3. While posting, refer to other posts you’ve written on your blog or on another of your blogs.

This encourages the reader to go back and read previous posts. You can even choose your posts by looking through previous ones and deciding which ones to pursue. Those records must not be lost or forgotten. Use it because it’s excellent material (you wrote it, right?).

4. Create a page with links to your favourite timeless posts.

You go through your old posts and find ones that you want readers to be able to find quickly, then create a links page with those posts linked directly. Then, on your front page, add a link to that page. Call it favourite posts or whatever you want, but those who click through and follow those links will benefit you.

5. I’ve previously discussed the “more” tag on this blog.

You write your post as usual, then decide where you want to split it into two pages. When you use the more tag, readers are directed to a new page where they can continue reading the storey.

6. Complete special projects once a week.

This is a collection of articles on a specific topic. You’ll post it once a week, giving readers a week to respond, and then keep them waiting for the next special post in the series. Add links to previous posts in the series each time.

7. Using content from your other websites or blogs to increase pageviews on all of them is also a good idea.

Use the new target tag to link to content from your other blogs and websites. It will open a new window while they visit your other website or blog, leaving the current blog open. You can quickly double your pageviews while also directing visitors to your other websites and blogs.

8. Make a list of ten previous posts, along with their links.

Create a blog post listing ten things you want your readers to know and read if they haven’t already. At the very least, they’ll check to see if they’ve read those posts before, boosting your pageviews and exposing old material to new readers. This also alerts them to the fact that they should look through the archives for anything they may have missed.

9. Visit other blogs on your topic, using the same list of ten posts or a new one.

Find posts that discuss something similar to one of those ten posts, and instead of adding a link to the home page in your signature, leave a comment there referring to the post that is similar and contains useful information for that blogger’s readers. You will also be increasing the popularity of your links as a result of this. Please don’t spam the link. Check to see if it contains any useful information. Don’t be trolls or spammers, and your blog will gain new readers and more page views.

10. Never stop being inventive.

Use the suggestions in this article, as well as some of your own, to connect your blog posts. Make a page. Don’t just post something and then forget about it. Use that content because it is valuable. Do not force people to look at your blog. They are both lazy and overworked. Deliver it to them. That is simply excellent customer service.

I hope this article has shown you that blogging is more than just writing a post every now and then, or even daily. If you use the tips I just gave you to improve your blog, I guarantee you’ll see an increase in pageviews, which will increase your revenue if you use an ad programme.

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